Top 5 foor designs on a flooring exhibition

With Dubai looking to more than double the existing number of hotel rooms in the region to account for the expected rise in tourism, flooring options for hospitality projects are currently expanding to offer designers and architects optimum solutions.

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Downtown Design, one of the region’s top design fairs is looking forward to its second annual edition which will focus on an ‘original design theme’ and see a new flooring exhibition.
The flooring show will further cement the theme of this year’s Downtown Design and showcase a number of exhibitors from around the world.
Cristina Romelli Gervasoni, fair director, Downtown Design, says: “The theme of Downtown Design 2014 is Original Design; and originality refers to the quality of materials, attention to detail, superior craftsmanship and thoughtful design that are combined to ultimately enhance our quality of life.”

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Some of the trends that visitors at the design fair will be able to witness include concepts focused on carpets, mosaic tiling and wood.
‘Back to Nature’ carpeting is a rising trend with its carpets inspired by the natural world. Companies like Tai Ping will make their Middle East debut this year with designs such as Tree Trunk and Reservoir Rug. Made of wools, silks and cashmere fibers, Tai Ping’s designs are known internationally.

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Another trend in the carpet industry is the Adaptive Trompe L’Oeil, which refers to the art of combining traditional Persian
carpet weaving with contemporary designs. This allows hotels and hospitality destinations to use common designs in unexpected ways. At Downtown Design, such pioneers in this trend like Golan will be exhibiting and showcasing its ability to fuse tradition with contemporary design.
Non-carpet related trends include the Mosaic Renaissance and the Old-new Wood. The former refers to the global revival of mosaic tiling. The Mosaic Renaissance sees finishes in vibrant jewel-like colours fused with intricate geometric patterns. The delicate latticework is popular among Middle East clients as it relates to the region’s Islamic aesthetics.

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Visitors will be able to network with those pioneering mosaic designs such as Sicis, while those looking for wooden designs can explore the hardwood options provided by UK-based Silvan, among others. According to Downtown Design, trends in hardwood are leaning toward longer and wider planks.

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Gervasoni notes: “Investingin high quality flooring is essential not only for the obvious practical reasons, but also because [the] floor is what sets the tone fora room’s ambience and can be an ideal backdrop to highlight the furniture, accessories and decorative details that will define [your] space.
“This is a message we are eager to convey, so this year, we will be hosting the finest brands and global trendsetters in flooring, giving our visitors an opportunity to meet the people behind the brands.”

Human Space bought by furnishing giant

human space company 01

The Dubai-based procurement specialist of office furnishing, Human Space, has been acquired by Workspace LLC from the Al Reyami Group. However, its leadership has since remained under managing director, Liam King. King explains: “I have been working in office furnishing for 35 years, so the thought of starting something of my own was a natural progression. “Since I have spent the last two and a half years building the Human Space brand name and team, I thought it would be best if I could buy it out from Al Reyami Group, which was the mother company that owned Human Space prior to the acquisition. Luckily, upon broaching the topic to the managing director of Reyami, I found out that they were open to the idea. So we had a few rounds of meetings and discussions, and reached a mutual point of agreement.”

human space company 03

Workspace, a well-funded holding company, expects its recent business endeavors to result in greater efficiency, allowing for smoother operations in the coming months. According to King, due to Human Space’s already known name, the acquisition allows the team to move forward with the internal reforms. “We hope to better serve our customers and be the one stop solution for all office furnishing requirements as we have always aimed to be,” he says.

human space company 04

Additionally, Workspace will maintain the same operational and sales team at Human Space, guaranteeing a smooth transition for the company and clients. “The effect of the acquisition was felt immediately,” says King. “Since we are now an independent company, this allows us to react faster to the demands of our clients and partners. “The team is young and driven, so the change in management has allowed them more freedom and confidence. I believe now, that we are an independent entity and this will help us forge new connections with the architecture and design firms… Apart from that, we are also looking into expanding our services to flooring and hospitality furnishing solutions.” According to King, now is the best time to engage with the UAE market. With many projects in the pipeline, those based in the MENA region can expect more international companies to set up shop in the UAE. He also notes that the UAE has been steadily rising as a business hub in the region, allowing for endless entrepreneurial possibilities. King notes: “I believe this is a positive reflection of the current market. Dubai, as well as the UAE, has been growing steadily since the recovery from the recession. If I didn’t have confidence in the market, I would not have taken the bold move to invest in it.”

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Finasi is currently looking forward to a residential project located in Dubai. Known for its luxury design and fit-out work for commercial, office and residential projects, Finasi was an ideal choice and can now begin work on the new private villa. The fit-out provider was appointed by a client to manage the complete turnkey refurbishment of a private residential villa in Emirates Flills, R3.

arab sheikh luxury villa 01
“Our brief was to redesign, manage the fit-out, create built-in furniture, FF&E, final dressing, landscaping and home automation,” says Ahmed Sultan, partner and general manager, Finasi. He adds: “Our interior design team selected all materials and finishes for each and every component of the villa, offering a complete face-lift and re-designing the entire elevation, increasing the window dimensions and creating a 6mX3m glass window on the first floor for enhanced view of the [surrounding] golf course.”

The villa demanded the design of two large master bedrooms, another three bedrooms and one private office, along with other rooms. Finasi delivered Molteni&C walk-in closets, intricate wooden flooring and Italian marble bathrooms with mosaic designs displayed on the walls.

arab sheikh luxury villa 02
Other spaces within the interior include the kitchen, which is armed  with new Armani Horne furnishing; a cinema consisting of state-of-the-art theatre-seating sourced from the United States, and specialised Skema acoustic wall-cladding. Outside, a bisazza tiled swimming pool glimmers in the summer sun while Gandia Blasco outdoor furniture completes the patio. In addition to Finasi’s latest projects, the fit-out provider has also signed on to being a silver
sponsor at Commercial Interior Design Awards 2014. Set for September 15 at Dubai’s JW Marriot Marquis, the CID Awards will reward the region’s most inspiring projects completed this year, as well as industry leaders from around the Middle East. Currently, the list of other sponsors for the event includes Marina Flome, Preciosa, Al Futtaim, American Flardwood Export Council, Delta Faucet, Human Space, Roca, Laufen, Vitra, Alec Fitout, Grayscale Interiors and Interface.

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Sultan explains about sponsoring the awards: “[Finasi] decided to sponsor the CID Awards as it is one of the most prestigious events for our industry in the region. Also, we have partnered with Commercial Interior Design [magazine] and its team in the past and have enjoyed the benefits.”

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He concludes: “All of the key industry leaders are present at the event and it gives our company some good exposure in the market, acting as a platform to communicate about our services and design expertise.”


“The recently launched Human   Nature collection is an instinctive   sensory experience inspired by the diversity of the natural world  to support our physical needs and  stimulate our creative capacity,”  says Steven Pratt, regional director     Middle East Interface.
He adds: “Interface designed the collection to benefit the human body and the way we work, the way we interact and what’s beneath us.   The collection provides a foundation for organisations to curate beautiful spaces that inspire beautiful thinking.”




The new collection was designed by David Oakey, a long-time Interface collaborator and world leader in sustainable design practices.Human Nature also follows theprinciples of biophilia and biomimicry—the concept of learning from and emulating nature’s designs  and principles. According to Pratt, the new range “also explores how  nature’s diversity of texture, touch,   feel and even sound affect our  senses in the natural world.”

carpet on hallway natural colors 2

carpet in hall or entrance natural colors 2


The latest collection consists of five different textures in 25cm x 100cm skinny planks that can be chosen or paired with 50cm x 50cm square tiles, making it ideal for mixing and matching. The different textures within the range include a pebble-like texture, a worn stone texture, a transition pattern that connects two separate textures, a lower profile texture, among many others.
Pratt explains: “The true spark of the collection is a wild shag-like texture, which can be used as accents and borders. All of these textures help to delineate different working spaces.”

carpet in hotel reception natural colors 2

The range also applies a natural colour palette that boasts rich hues. Pratt notes: “The Human Nature collection is inspired from when man and nature come together to coexist. The colour and design inspiration of man and nature coming together consist of materials designed by the natural elements: worn, weathered or distressed as seen everywhere around the world.
“It is a collaboration of human design infused with natural elements, accepting nature’s beauty and embracing nature’s colours.”

The new range takes its inspiration from the natural world, not only in texture and colour but also in composition. Like earth, the collection allows for varied transitions within the designs, which ensures the freedom for ultimate creativity on part of the designer.


Pratt concludes: “We know that modular flooring can’t change the world, but it can inspire those who will. The Human Nature collection is a beautiful foundation for beautiful thinking. This collection has been designed to benefit the nature of the human body and the way we work.”








Apartment-style Rococo

Rococo style appears in the first half of the 18th century. This era is characterized by a carefree life in the French court, which has contributed to the emergence of the elegant and frivolous items to furniture. After France Rococo style spread in Western and Central Europe and Russia.
During the Rococo appear dresser with mirror, drawer and with many hiding places in which women keep their secrets. Are born, new forms of upholstered furniture: couch (sofa, in the form of several related seats) lounges, deep soft chairs. All are after the ladies’ dresses are very colorful and bulky. Recognizing that artists began to create furniture that enable the women to feel comfortable and comfortable in them.
One of the main components in the interior is gorgeous Rococo gilded mirror frame is placed over the marble fireplace on the upper part are arranged all kinds of porcelain figurines, clocks, candlesticks, lacquered boxes and other trinkets. Another feature of the Rococo style is the arrangement of furniture in certain groups (table, sofa and several chairs), the principles of asymmetry, thereby creating a sort of “communication points”.
You will see pictures of apartment, created by architect Igor Gremitsky. Its location in St. Petersburg, Russia.  Light exquisite interior features a compositional asymmetry, imbued with the spirit of intimacy and designed to provide maximum comfort.

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Stylish, luxurious, elegant living rooms in white and red

Selecting a color combination in the interior of the house is a big challenge, which often leads to great conundrums.
Perhaps partly because of this, and because the demand for more light – real or optical illusion in contemporary interior design trends often relies on white – the walls, ceilings and furniture.
If you want to break your living space, the fiery red color is the right decision.
Simultaneously stylish, extravagant, and luxurious but it is a wonderful accent that can be placed in each room.
Synergy between these two colors – red and white, works great and provides countless opportunities for recreation of various styles.
To design a room in red and white is actually a challenge because it is easy to create beautiful and magnificent touch with these colors.
White is a symbol of purity, innocence, wisdom, while red is associated with aggressiveness, vitality, fire and passion. But the magical power of red in its various shades is indisputable.

  Inevitably, every accent in red almost seduces the eye with its bright suggestion. Red is the challenge that is hard to resist. It just has a glamorous broadcasting not go unnoticed!
Making it an interior accent gain from the strong, sometimes violent heat flowing from his passionate presence. Even an accessory in bright red interior is able to move the monotony of color images.
Red chair, sofa, table lamp, rug, pillow or decorative panel – each item with a red coloration is highly memorable character.
Since its very nature red and white are completely opposite, finding a harmonious balance between them is not easy, but it is not stumper when approaches to attention and creativity.

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Concrete house with surprising interior in New Zealand

Seen from outside the house, the work of architect Stevens Lawsons like concrete parallelepiped overlooking Browns Island in New Zealand. But when you go inside, stay pleasantly surprised by the comfort of this home. The relationship between the floors is made with beautiful and stylish wooden staircase. Its spiral shape of a dynamic effect on the overall interior design is complemented by elegant wood railing.
Living room is elegantly furnished in a minimalist style. Mysterious side effect gives the incident light from above.
The kitchen is very modern and luxurious. Breakfast bar and stools invited to cocktails and unwind. The dining room is again in a minimalist style and a large glass wall that makes relationship with nature of the room. This beautiful house has three floors, which house bedrooms on the upper level living areas are located on the middle floor and guest room is at the bottom. Large windows allow this home to be bathed in light and create a sensual and inviting atmosphere.

 Exterior concrete walls

 Opulent luxury living room design

Opulent luxury design of room
Concrete wasteful way to the passage of stone

Concrete lavish home interiors exteriors
beautiful curved staircase

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Contemporary, modern and sustainable tropical Green Palm Wood Furniture

These modern tropical furniture is marketed by the company Pacific Green. Made of palm tree, they are environmentally sound and sustainable. Iteriorat yield a modern look when the room is furnished with Green Wood Palm Tropical Furniture.
Sustainable design furniture palm tree is green furniture design and is intended to satisfy customers and users of these ecologically produced furniture palm tree.
You will see a mixture of traditional and innovative design that provides a modern tropical home furniture.



“Pacific Green” is the leading Australian furniture company. This line of furniture are the most environmentally friendly products. It is made of senile coconut palms Fiji, whose dense grain planks boast smooth wax surface flows and superior durability in a variety of warm, natural tones.


Obsolete coconut palms, not born already coconuts were once cut and burned to make room for new crops. Australian designer Bruce Dowse Green sees those old palm trees, a valuable resource. And in the last 14 years have already discovered how to use each piece of wood. Neizpozvanite materials are sold as a cheap energy source. During the drying process palm wood is thoroughly impregnated with wax, palmwood not need polish. Palmwood is extremely strong and durable but also flexible enough to withstand the intense tropical storms. When testing the tree shows exceptional strength and durability, hardness, which is equal to Jarrah or ebony. This power is derived from densely ingrained silica – a key ingredient that gives the tree with a golden glow and its inherent unique beauty.

Pacific Green introduced the concept of modern socially responsible industry in the South Pacific Ocean. The old plantation land of coconut palms is returned to the local village to allow for planting of crops production. The plant was built in partnership with local villages and local people work only. Pacific Green leases its land from local residents, providing a sense of ownership of the people and respect their land. Manufacturing processes are environmentally sustainable and do not use chemicals or toxins. Packaging materials are fully recyclable, and even sawdust is used as fertilizer.

All parts of the furniture is handmade by local artisans. Purpose furniture is handmade without the use of adhesives and chemicals. All Pacific Green Furniture is built on a steel frame are not visible and will be held together with hand-made hand-tied knots made of steel wrapped in leather. Only the highest quality European leather is used in the process of holstering.
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Modern interior design by Rees-Roberts
There are many conditions that must be met to be a good interior design. Steven Harris and Lucien Rees-Roberts has done a fine within a strict budget. Inspiring and creative interior design is achieved by using subtle colors and layered textures. The rich texture and classic style combined with the perfect lighting for every room, the key to the implementation of interior design in this building with an area of ​​4000 m2.  Show you some rooms:

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Great interior design with black walls

What’s the first thing that comes to mind when you hear of using black interior? If you think of black and terrible room full of fears and worries, you just live in the grip of prejudice, or you’ve never seen a well-filled with black interior.
The black color is most often associated with night and darkness, and not everyone is ready to live in such an environment. Improper use can cause depression and dark thoughts. But if you think the same can be said for other colors. For example, red for excessive use may cause irritation and deep blue – depression. So, the problem is not the colors themselves, in their improper use.
Black color can not only cause negative emotions, but positive. Thanks to its severity, it helps concentration and can even calm. Black is a favorite color in minimalism, because it makes the lines clean, clear and concise. With his premises are expressive, and contrast with other colors of the furniture emphasizes moderation.
The most important thing in dealing with the black color is rational use and proper combination with other colors.
We will show you some interior design in black, where the drama gave way to modernist elegance. It is difficult to speak of comfort, but – this is not for everyone:


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